Answering age-old questions in NFC West

The most recent NFC West mailbag featured a question from Michael asking for positional age rankings.

Updating rosters around the league allowed me to make calculations for each position based on to-the-day ages for each player. A few highlights:

The first chart shows where each NFC West team ranks in age by position.

2010 NFC West Average Age Ranks: Full Roster

The second chart shows age rankings for starters only.

The Rams and 49ers have two of the three youngest starting offensive lines in the league. The Cardinals have the oldest starting linebackers. The Rams' receivers remain in flux as injuries mount, but that group ranked 31st in average age with Week 6 starters Brandon Gibson and Mardy Gilyard in the lineup.

NFC West teams have three of the eight oldest starting defensive lines. The Rams rank fifth with James Hall and Fred Robbins in the lineup. Cardinals nose tackle Bryan Robinson, 36, pumps up the average age for Arizona's defensive line. Switching to rookie Dan Williams would give the Cardinals the third-youngest starting line in the league.

2010 NFC West Average Age Ranks: Starters Only