Life in the fast lane? Not for Chris Long

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner once won the "Good Guy Award" for cooperating with media in a way that helped provide a deeper understanding of the game.

St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long might deserve some sort of special commendation for calling back Sports Talk 790 AM The Ticket in South Florida after a traffic stop interrupted their interview.

Long was talking about Jake Long's career with the Miami Dolphins and how his own career was on the upswing in St. Louis when the long arm of the law reached out.

"Hey, I'm sorry, can I call you guys right back?" Long said on the air. "I just actually got pulled over for speeding. I wasn't really going that fast, though, so that's interesting."

Turns out Long wasn't pulled over for speeding. There was an issue with the tags on the car he was driving while his truck was undergoing repairs.

"Good news, man, it was just my tags," Long said after calling back.

That's going above and beyond.