When Marshawn Lynch gets the football

Carlos asks via Twitter: Why's Lynch getting more carries?

Mike Sando: Marshawn Lynch is the Seattle Seahawks' starter and he's naturally getting more carries as he becomes more familiar with the offense. That's part of the equation. Situations also affect the distribution.

Lynch accounted for 11 of the Seattle Seahawks' 12 carries by running backs Sunday largely because the team relied so heavily on power-oriented personnel groupings. Lynch gets more carries from those groups. Justin Forsett gets more carries from three-receiver personnel groupings.

Seattle went into the game against the New York Giants worried about pass protection. Its injury situation at wide receiver was another consideration. The team used two tight ends more extensively than usual, never getting past what might typically count as the first page of a game plan. That favored Lynch.

The Seahawks have also started working Lynch into their three-receiver groupings on occasion. Lynch ran the ball from a three-receiver grouping on the Seahawks' first offensive play Sunday.

The chart breaks down both running backs' carries by personnel group since Lynch made his debut against Chicago in Week 6. Ten of the 86 carries came on third down, with Forsett getting six of them from 11 personnel.

Lynch & Forsett: Carries Since Week 6

Numbers in the first column identify personnel groups based on the number of running backs and tight ends on the field for each play. For example, 12 personnel features one running back and two tight ends. Teams are more apt to use 11 personnel in passing situations.