On the Clock: Seattle Seahawks

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Team needs: Pass rusher, linebacker, offensive line, speed receiver, big cornerback, safety

Dream scenario: The Seahawks would love to trade down. Like a lot of teams, they see better value from, say, the 12th through 20th picks than at the top of the round. They also realize teams probably won't be lining up for a chance to trade into the fourth spot. One preferred scenario might be for Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry to slip past the top three teams. Seattle could then emerge from the draft with a defensive playmaker, immediate starter and talented replacement for Julian Peterson. Adding Curry might also give the Seahawks options if franchise player Leroy Hill remains unsigned.

Plan B: Seattle considered taking a quarterback as early as the second round a year ago. The team needs to start thinking about Matt Hasselbeck's long-term replacement even though Hasselbeck expects to play at a high level for years to come. Matthew Stafford would have to be a consideration if available. The same thinking applies at offensive tackle. Walter Jones is coming off knee surgery. The team thinks he'll bounce back, but Jones is 35 and will not play forever. Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe would provide depth, flexibility and a potential 10-year starter at an important position. That would be a safer route than drafting Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, particularly given that Seattle might need more of a burner at the position.

Scouts Inc. take: "If Stafford falls, I think they will take him. I don't think they will take [Mark] Sanchez at 4. They might be bluffing Sanchez to get someone to move up. I don't think he's a franchise quarterback. Why not Sanchez? Why Matt Leinart? I think the system is better than the quarterbacks, in all honesty. I don't look at him as a franchise quarterback. He's going to be a good quarterback. The one thing, at least he can win. Stafford scares me a little. ... They could take Crabtree. I know they want to get the future quarterback. Matt Hasselbeck is coming off a knee and a back. Quarterback is an option, but I don't think they would take Sanchez at four." -- Jeremy Green, Scouts Inc.

Who has final say: General manager Tim Ruskell controls the roster. That was the case when Mike Holmgren was head coach, but Holmgren was also a very strong and persuasive personality. This is Ruskell's first draft in Seattle during the post-Holmgren era.

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