Giants GM on Cards: 'Almost isn't good enough'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Giants general manager Jerry Reese went on record suggesting the proposed asking price for Boldin "could" be too high.

Reese's comments about Boldin were not specific enough to swerve into tampering, in my view, but his subsequent comments about Fitzgerald and Arizona will surely find their way into the Cardinals' locker room before the teams face one another Oct. 25 at Giants Stadium.

Reese: "I think people are panicked a little bit about receiver. We're not panicked about it. You'd like to have a big Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson ... you'd like to have those types of guys. But Larry Fitzgerald's team didn't win the Super Bowl. Almost is not good enough in this league. He was outstanding, but his team didn't win. There are other ways to do it."

The Giants won a championship after David Tyree made a circus catch off his helmet. That's one way to win a championship, but not as reliable as, say, targeting Fitzgerald over the middle with the game on the line, as Kurt Warner did in rallying Arizona into the lead during the final minutes of the most recent Super Bowl.

The Giants have a terrific organization and a very good team. But to link Fitzgerald's presence on the Cardinals' roster to Arizona's runner-up status in the Super Bowl? That's a stretch.