Need a yard? Call Rams, not Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams entered Week 12 ranked third among NFL players with 16 third-down receptions for first downs.

Playing without Williams made it tougher for Seattle to sustain drives Sunday. The team's continuing failures in short-yardage situations also played a significant role. Seattle converted only once in five chances when needing 1 yard for a first down.

Alok Pattani, analytics specialist for ESPN Stats & Information, put together a file showing where the Seahawks rank in short-yardage situations. I've broken out combined totals for third-and-1 and fourth-and-1, counting passes as well as runs.

Seattle ranks last. Kansas City has a lower conversion rate in third-and-1 situations, but the Chiefs have converted five times in six chances on fourth-and-1.

The St. Louis Rams rank second in the league with an 86.7 conversion rate when needing 1 yard for a first down on third and fourth downs.

2010 Short-Yardage Situations: Third- and fourth-and-1

The chart ranks NFL teams by combined third- and fourth-down conversion rates when needing 1 yard for a first down.