Video: Greatest NFL tirades

Derek Anderson's little postgame rant Monday night deserves a spot in this "SportsCenter" video montage featuring 10 top NFL tantrums, at least in my view.

This top 10 list is pretty good, though.

Reporters tend to be dispassionate following games. Players and coaches emerge fired up. The emotional gap can create some interesting exchanges.

One of my personal favorites came after Glenn Foley tossed six interceptions for Seattle during a preseason game at Arizona when Mike Holmgren was just getting started as Seahawks coach. Holmgren would never lose his cool entirely in a media setting, but he could get testy, particularly if his beloved offense hadn't performed well that day (even in practice).

On this night, Holmgren emerged from the visitor's locker room at Sun Devil Stadium drenched in sweat. He muttered something about "let's make this quick" while a media staffer led him to the make-shift interview area outside.

We could tell this wasn't going to be pretty. Someone asked what was wrong with Foley.

"He threw too many interceptions! Next question!" Holmgren answered.

It was going to be that kind of interview. I don't recall how the rest of it went, but let's just say the atmosphere was a little tense -- even in preseason.