James watching Arizona picks closely

Posted by ESPN's Pedro Gomez

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Cardinals have been looking into taking a running back in the first round, hoping to get a replacement for 10-year veteran Edgerrin James, who fell out of favor with the coaching staff during the second half of last season before returning to the starting lineup during the team's unforeseen playoff run that had them go all the way to the Super Bowl.

James knows very well of the Cardinals' intent, but he doesn't seem too bothered, believing he has plenty of football left in his 30-year-old body. I texted James in the last hour to see how he's doing and whether he's talked with Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt or general manager Rod Graves.

His text response: "I closed my ears. It doesn't even matter. When they figure out what they're going to do, I'll start thinking football then. It's a waste of my time with that.''

Pedro Gomez is ESPN's bureau reporter based in Phoenix