Gridiron Challenge: Name games at top

Scanning through the nearly 3,700 team names in the ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge fantasy league can provide a degree of entertainment.

Even our current leader -- I Own Tim Graham -- had some fun when choosing a team name. In the back of my mind, though, I've always wondered how I would handle the weekly standings updates if a team with a more objectionable name rose to the top.

We're not there yet, but we're getting a little closer now that man boobs 2010 has, uh, busted into the top 10.

Such a dignified competition we're running here.

I'll have to apologize for failing to post updated standings last week. The Thanksgiving holiday gave me a good excuse to avoid mentioning how well my wife's team fared relative to mine. Hey, she's leading James Walker (barely) and Tim Graham, too.

My least fortunate decision of Week 12: taking a chance on San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson, who left after two plays and without scoring a point. Giving Darren McFadden another week also backfired.

2010 ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge Standings