You called it: Koryb55 makes stunning prediction

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Please rise and acknowledge the great koryb55, who either knows his football, got extremely lucky, works for the 49ers or some combination of the three.

Dozens of people correctly predicted at least one NFC West first-round choice in the most recent "You called it" contest. A few even tried to project later-round selections. Only two people guessed a fifth-round projection for the 49ers. Koryb55 was one of them. He went with Pitt linebacker Scott McKillop. Good call. The 49ers drafted him in the fifth round, 146th overall. That is a truly impressive projection.

Kevin Wang2008 was among nine people to predict Michael Crabtree's selection by the 49ers. He also predicted Seattle would draft Alex Mack or Max Unger in the second round. The Seahawks selected Unger. Nice work there, Kevin.

Kmullen124 listed only Unger as his second-round projection for Seattle. He also hit on Crabtree to the 49ers. Good work, again.

Superfuzz777 predicted Jason Smith to the Rams and Aaron Curry to the Seahawks. TNR300 and Hypchucky9 predicted Smith to the Rams and Crabtree to the 49ers. Pope c hawk was the only one of 215 participants to forecast Chris Wells to the Cardinals in the first round.

Smooth bee33 thought the Seahawks would swap first-round choices with Washington to take Knowshon Moreno at No. 13, an interesting thought that never materialized. Several others made conditional choices. I did not consider conditional choices in most cases.

I'll list those who correctly picked each first-round choice for NFC West teams:

Jason Smith, Rams

Rhyno 12thMan, Mr Zero, dysfunctional franchise, nostrajamus, mattborucki, jeremystebbins0311, clintperrault, CANCUN5150, Superfuzz777, TNR300, Jeit3, mattyfatsack, Hypchucky9, smoothcard ga, Primeau1203.

Aaron Curry, Seahawks

blueprints760, Superfuzz777, huskyhawk206, StevenMunn777, dshinstrom, MTJHoyas, kglfjcjj, staserc, blocis, drdiags, jchennault71, williamsms2, nicolashearns, homeygc, bludevilchief2, DonyellFreak, DanCBrun, shefflk, Bailforce2, Seahawksfan 23, jaif31, dougula, UnofficialVoice, J-SHOTZ, seahawkatic, bigaa72, jcollins2112, jdj00128, tictac6972, sogden1, GrantTobin27@gmail.com, jwflieder

Michael Crabtree, 49ers

Aarikian, davidsj78, Jasonford0212, BleedFriscoRed, Calcio365, rjulien, Hypchucky9, cw31601, fortunate4416. Jason on Facebook also nailed this one, as I recall.

Chris Wells, Cardinals

pope c hawk