NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

The chart shows oldest-to-youngest age ranks for NFC West teams relative to the rest of the NFL, based on the 26-column rosters I make available for download periodically.

Seattle, despite having a league-low 21 players from Week 17 last season on its current 53-man roster, still stands as the seventh-oldest team in the NFL. Expect that ranking to fall this offseason as the Seahawks continue to turn over their roster. The team already subtracted 33-year-old guard Ben Hamilton from the 2011 equation, it appears, by waiving him from injured reserve.

Arizona has the oldest offensive linemen and specialists in the league on average and the fourth-oldest linebackers. The average at linebacker in particular figures to fall next season. If not, it's tough to envision the Cardinals gaining needed athleticism at the position.

In San Francisco, veterans such as Brian Westbrook and Justin Smith are driving up the average ages at their positions. The 49ers have the 10th-youngest starting offense based on recently updated lineups. They were the youngest in Week 1, but injuries have forced Westbrook and tackle Barry Sims, 36, into the lineup since then.

St. Louis, the youngest team in the NFC West on average, has the NFL's youngest linebackers. That is not necessarily a good thing. The team would be better off at the position if it had not been forced to place 32-year-old Na'il Diggs on injured reserve. The Rams have the fifth-youngest offensive starters thanks in part to rookie quarterback Sam Bradford.

Note: No actual steroids were used in building these rosters.


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