Why the Rams trail the 49ers at halftime

ST. LOUIS -- The San Francisco 49ers have legitimate weapons at wide receiver and tight end.

The St. Louis Rams do not.

The talent disparity largely explains why the 49ers hold a 14-12 lead against the Rams at halftime.

49ers quarterback Troy Smith, inefficient most of the time, found Vernon Davis for a 25-yard gain and Michael Crabtree for a 60-yard touchdown on one drive. Davis and Crabtree were once top 10 overall draft choices. Another top-10 pick, Ted Ginn Jr., has a 78-yard punt return for another 49ers touchdown.

The Rams, meanwhile, are trying to beat the 49ers with smoke and mirrors. They are trying to run the ball from four-receiver personnel groupings. Quarterback Sam Bradford is having trouble getting much going while throwing to Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, Laurent Robinson and Daniel Fells.

None of those players (other than Bradford) was an elite prospect coming out of college.