Cartoons over a playoff game? It can happen

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Matt Hasselbeck's latest Tweet -- that's he's attending his daughter's ballet recital, not his own, with apologies to former NFL ballerina Willie Gault -- reminded me of a funny one he had the other day:

missed the Celts comeback b/c kids were watching Caillou. (this is an all time low)

It got me thinking about how priorities change beyond any reasonable expectations during the course of our lives.

The TV show Caillou probably means nothing to you unless you're around small children regularly. Surely there was a time not long ago when the Boston-raised Hasselbeck never would have missed a Celtics playoff game in favor of a kids show on PBS. But he did.

I once sold a laser-red 1996 Mustang Cobra like this one to purchase a forest green 1995 Dodge minivan like this one because, well, it's still a little too painful to discuss. Suffice to say my life was 'evolving' at that time. A few years later, my wife spotted my old Cobra -- the same exact car -- listed for sale at a roadside clearing. I circled back, pulled over, got out, walked around the glistening symbol of my fading youth and said goodbye one final time.

Along these lines, what's the lamest thing you've ever done, or were compelled to do, instead of watching the Super Bowl or watching your favorite NFL team play an important game [or any game]? Attend a ballet recital? Watch an episode of Caillou? Is your all-time low lower than Hasselbeck's all-timer?