Power rankings: How the voters voted

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Got a problem with where your team landed in ESPN.com's initial power rankings for the 2009 season? The above chart shows how each voter ranked every team in the league. None of us can hide.

Tiebreaker alert: We broke no ties this week.

Agree to disagree: The Panthers generated the widest gap between highest and lowest votes, a whopping 21 places. Pasquarelli ranked them third. Matt Williamson ranked them 24th. Sixteen other teams also generated double-digit disparities. We break them down, with the gap between highest and lowest votes listed parenthetically (and, yes, we name names):

  • Cowboys (19): Yasinskas ranked them third, higher than any other voter ranked them. Clayton ranked them 22nd, lower than any other voter ranked them.

  • Seahawks (16): Matt Williamson 11th, Mosley 27th.

  • Dolphins (15): Seifert seventh, Matt Williamson 22nd.

  • Titans (13): Seifert fourth, Matt Williamson 17th.

  • Falcons (13): Matt Williamson seventh, Pasquarelli 20th.

  • Bucs (13): Bill Williamson 17th, Clayton 30th.

  • Saints (12): Graham 11th, Mosley 23rd.

  • Redskins (12): Clayton 12th, Sando 24th.

  • Jets (12): Pasquarelli 12th, Chadiha 24th.

  • Bills (12): Pasquarelli 13th, Matt Williamson 25th.

  • Cardinals (11): Chadiha and Graham fifth, Clayton 16th.

  • Vikings (11): Clayton eighth, Graham 19th.

  • Colts (10): Clayton and Bill Williamson third, Yasinskas 13th.

  • Texans (10): Graham 14th, Seifert 24th.

  • Bengals (10): Walker 19th, Seifert 29th.

  • Broncos (10: Mosley 18th, Clayton, Kuharsky and Matt Williamson 28th.

Divisional ranks: NFC East teams ranked 10th on average, best for any division. AFC West teams ranked 22.6 on average, worst for any division. The chart below shows how each voter ranked teams from each division on average. Black shading identifies the highest rankings for a division on average. Red shading identifies the lowest for a division on average.

  • Example: I ranked NFC West teams 18.75 on average, higher than any other voter (thanks largely to a No. 19 ranking for the 49ers, higher than anyone else rated them). Yasinskas and Seifert ranked NFC West teams 23.5 on average, lower than any other voter ranked teams from the division.

High-low scorecard: I also totaled how many times each voter provided the high or low votes for teams. The scorecard: Matt Williamson 25, Yasinskas 22, Chadiha 14, Kuharsky 13, Seifert 11, Pasquarelli 11, Sando 11, Walker 11, Bill Williamson 11, Graham 10, Clayton 9, Mosley 8.

Download: This Excel file features one worksheet allowing for sorting by voter, team, team ranking, high votes, low votes and high-low disparities. A second worksheet allows for sorting by how each voter ranked each division's teams on average.