Aikman: NFC West is 'wide open'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are breaking down the NFC West during the Fox broadcast of the 49ers-Bears game Thursday night. They like the 49ers' chances in the division.

Buck: We talked earlier about this 49er team. Every year, some team jumps up and surprises you. I think they could be on that list. And they are in a division with Arizona, with St. Louis and with Seattle. And Seattle is wondering what is going on with Matt Hasselbeck's back right now. I mean, the sky is the limit for this 49er team.

Aikman: Yeah, and I think it's an open division. Last year, Mike Nolan had high expectations, as this team did, that they could really contend within the division and they were unable to do that. Now his motto is, 'Hey, one day at a time,' but if you look at the Rams, they've got some of their issues, Arizona does. As you said, Seattle is the defending divisional champ. You know, Hasselbeck, what is going to happen with them. But I really think it's wide open.

The 49ers have to like J.T. O'Sullivan's performance at quarterback tonight. Vernon Davis caught one pass and made it count, a 40-yarder. The 49ers will take it, for sure.