No debate about it: More games, more injuries

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I'm not linking to Bill Barnwell's report for Football Outsiders solely because it validates what I already tried to tell ESPN.com teammate Paul Kuharsky in a Double Coverage debate about extending the NFL season.

Solely, no. Partly, yes.

Paul has been bragging about his [largely imagined] unbeaten record in these debates. I heard about it from him a few times during a recent staff get-together in Bristol. Barnwell's got my back on this one. More games mean more injuries. As I told Paul:

The more games the NFL adds, the harder time quarterbacks will have staying healthy. Don't know about you, Paul, but I'd rather watch the third-stringer play in August than January. Think about it. If you're a Colts fan, would you rather endure a couple of meaningless games in August or would you rather endure Jim Sorgi starting a playoff game after [Peyton] Manning's body finally gives out in Week 19?

You still game on this one, Paul?