Sizing up Seahawks' chances in Chicago

The big discussion on the blog last week centered around whether the Seattle Seahawks should stick with Charlie Whitehurst or go back to Matt Hasselbeck against New Orleans in the wild-card round.

I was on the winning side of that one even though I never expected Hasselbeck to throw four touchdown passes and help put up 41 points.

The Seahawks are again double-digit underdogs this week. What are their chances against the Chicago Bears in the divisional round? It's a subject I'd like to throw open for another civil, thoughtful discussion in the comments section before pulling together the best offerings for an item Tuesday.

A few resources that might come in handy:

I'll get this started by quoting a short passage from Joyner: "The Seahawks' dominant passing performance against the Saints may have looked like an anomaly, but a closer look at the metrics indicates there is a multitude of reasons to think their offense is just as good as the New Orleans game would indicate it is. What could be worse for Chicago is that the numbers also say its defense may have some coverage issues of its own."

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. will provide a counterbalance in the piece for Tuesday. I just finished speaking with him by phone and hearing why he thinks the Bears will dominate.