On the bright side: Arizona Cardinals

The premise: We spend much of the offseason focusing on teams' problems. Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. and I discussed some of those Friday during a wide-ranging conversation on the NFC West, but there were also some positives. I'll break out one for each team, starting with the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals

Matt Williamson: Dan Williams was very good for them down the stretch. I think he lived up to that first-round billing. He ate space in the middle, he was a penetrator, he was a typical nose tackle -- exactly what you want at that position. It takes two guys to move him. He can protect those inside linebackers. He has a little quick twitch to him and he can get into the backfield. I think he was a really good first-round pick who took a while to surface, but in the end, he looks like a find.

Mike Sando: Sounds like the type of guy Arizona needs to help maximize its investment in linebacker Daryl Washington, a second-round pick.

Matt Williamson: That is a good point. Washington is a nice player, but not a great fit in a 3-4 defense. I thought he was more of a run-and-hit 'Will' linebacker, a Derrick Brooks type (in style, not necessarily substance) who doesn't take on a ton of blocks. He is built on speed and agility. He absolutely needs a big, big body in front of him to be protected. He absolutely needs the big nose tackle in front of him to do those run-and-hit type of things.

Mike Sando: So, you don't buy the talk that Arizona should abandon the 3-4 for a 4-3?

Matt Williamson: I would stick with a 3-4 and bring in two outside linebackers, preferably a blue-chip guy among them. One would go a really long way. I think you add a pass-rusher off the edge, another essential piece in a 3-4, and now you are talking.