Vindication for NFC West alum Thompson

Ted Thompson watched from afar while the 2005 Seattle team he helped build advanced to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay had hired Thompson as general manager before that 2005 season. Five seasons later, the Packers are in the Super Bowl, right on time.

Thompson primarily oversaw Seattle drafts from 2000 through the 2004 season. He took his first NFL personnel job in 1992, with Green Bay, and the Packers were in the Super Bowl following the 1996 and 1997 seasons.

Thompson more recently became a controversial figure in Green Bay for his handling of Brett Favre's departure. I've known Green Bay fans with almost irrational hatred for him.

My own feeling was that the Packers needed to make the switch. Hindsight says Favre and the team could have handled the situation better, but the Packers' advancement to the Super Bowl provides vindication for Thompson, particularly given the course Favre's career ultimately took with Minnesota.

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