Field positions: No mud to sling Sunday

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Postseason visitors Seattle and Green Bay weren't the only ones to notice the shoddy playing surface at Soldier Field.

The Chicago Bears' own players cast 21 "poor" votes for their playing surface in the NFL Players Association's biennial survey, released Thursday. The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked second with 12 poor votes for their playing surface. Players for the remaining 30 teams cast 47 such votes -- one for San Francisco and none for Seattle or Arizona.

Following up an earlier item, I've gone through the NFLPA survey rating the various playing surfaces. How players rated their own fields seemed significant given that they played on them at least 10 times per season, counting exhibition games.

Super Bowl quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger won't have to worry about tough field conditions Sunday. Thirty of 34 respondents from the Dallas Cowboys rated their field good or excellent. Two called it fair. Two called it poor.

The elements should not be a factor.

"I'm hoping they put the top on for Jerry World there," Rodgers said. "I think they will. I get to wear my favorite shoes."

Players from teams in the NFC North and AFC North handed down the most "poor" grades for their own fields, accounting for 46 of 80 total "poor" votes. The NFC South (3) and NFC West (4) had the fewest such votes.

Cold-weather teams have a tougher time maintaining grass fields.

The chart ranks each division by the most "poor" votes cast by players.

2010 NFLPA Player Survey: Rating Home Fields

The second chart breaks down results for NFC West teams.

2010 NFLPA Player Survey: Rating NFC West Home Fields