Chat wrap: Seeing through Crabtree's tears

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who contributed to the recently completed NFC West chat. Full transcript here. Highlights below.

Fiona (Miami, FL): I read recently that Mike Singltary almost made Michael Crabtree "cry". What is the story behind that? We have all heard Crabtree may be fragile, but is this just a non-story in a slow news cycle for the NFL or is Crabtree struggling mentally?

Mike Sando: Singletary addressed this on Dan Patrick's show this week. Basically, Singletary looked over druing OTAs (or minicamp, cannot recall) and saw Crabtree out on the field going through some drills. Crabtree had not been cleared to participate in any such drills. Singletary went over to see what was going on. He then told Crabtree to stop working out. Crabtree wanted to practice so badly, the story goes, that he got a little teary-eyed. Singletary said he admired Crabtree's desire but wanted to make sure the young receiver didn't risk injury unnecessarily.

Mike (Everett, WA): Do you think the Seahawks have a good enough backfield with Jones and Duckett?

Mike Sando: "Just good enough" might be how I would describe it. Jones can be a good starter. I'm just not entirely sold on the depth they have at the position. It's one reason I think the Seahawks could become a pass-oriented team even though people tend to mistakenly cast Greg Knapp as a run-oriented coordinator.

SprungOnSports (Long Island): Will Karlos Dansby look for Terrell Suggs money this offseason, and how has the franchise deadline's passing affected his long term future in Arizona?

Mike Sando: I'm sure he will look for Suggs-type money. I'm also pretty sure Arizona will not pay that type of money unless Dansby becomes a Suggs-type player. And I do not think that will happen. Suggs has been more of a pass rusher. Pass rushers have more value than more traditional linebackers.

matt (stl): Is Richie Incognito's talent really enough to overshadow is lack of respect for everyone?? After Spagnuolo said he didn't want players with locker room problems(passing of good players in free agency) he has kept Richie around.

Mike Sando: Look for Steve Spagnuolo to draw a hard line against some of that stuff, as needed. The Rams need to make sure Incognito channels his emotions more intelligently. I suspect the frustrations experienced by the entire organization fueled some of Incognito's fire. A more stable environment could benefit him. We shall see.

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