Checking in with Matt Hasselbeck's agent

David Dunn, agent for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, offered a few thoughts on his client's future during a recently completed interview with Dave Mahler of Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle.

A few highlights:

  • Negotiations between the Seahawks and Hasselbeck should pick up in the next few weeks. The team has expressed its interest to Dunn and Hasselbeck, but there have not been negotiations to this point. Dunn: "They have gone through a process of evaluating their coaching staff. They have made some changes there and I think are now going through a process of evaluating their team, which they should absolutely do. There is time. We have three weeks or so where we can get those discussions going and really get after it."

  • Dunn said it would be "natural" for Hasselbeck to finish his career in Seattle, but he wasn't going to say how likely it would be. Dunn wasn't going to cede leverage unnecessarily, even though these should be friendly discussions. He said "goofy" things happen and "you never know" how things could turn out.

  • Dunn said he expected "a bunch of teams" to be looking for quarterbacks and that "a number might step up economically" in ways that could appeal to Hasselbeck. Again, Dunn wasn't going to say anything that might suggest a soft market for his client. At the same time, I think he's right. Hasselbeck will draw interest on the market, should he reach it.

Dunn also represents Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. He said he would be "very surprised" if Palmer returned to Cincinnati even though the Bengals have said they will not trade him. That is what I would expect an agent to say. Will Palmer get out of Cincinnati? That is tough to say.

Update: Here is an audio link to interview.