MiG-29 gives NFL owners a fighting chance

With tensions escalating between the NFL and its locked out players, news comes that one team owner has purchased a Russian fighter jet.

Hey, if football Armageddon truly is upon the league, ownership might as well be ready.

According to the Everett Herald, Paul Allen has been collecting vintage aircraft since 1998, almost as long as he has owned the Seattle Seahawks. And while his recent purchase of a restored MiG-29 fighter jet had nothing to do with the NFL's labor mess, the gap between the league's austerity drive and one owner's ability to assemble his own air force must be wider than the labor impasse itself.

Of course, Allen isn't the typical NFL owner in terms of resources or even personal hobbies.

As the Herald reported, Allen's purchasing group, Vulcan Warbirds, has been "interested in a MiG-29 for a long time."