Audio: NFC West talk with Sando, Miklasz

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Longtime St. Louis reporter/columnist/radio host Bernie Miklasz welcomed me under the ESPN101 radio tent Tuesday at Rams training camp.

ESPN101 has posted the audio.

I've transcribed and posted a Cardinals-related passage below.

Bernie Miklasz: Let's talk about the defending NFC champion, the Arizona Cardinals. You were at their camp. The coach did a very interesting thing and an unusual thing. They get to the Super Bowl, he replaces his defensive coordinator and obviously his offensive coordinator leaves -- Todd Haley -- to become the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. It's unusual that the defending [NFC] champion basically has got two new guys running the units. Tell us about that. Is there anything odd going on in that camp, or is it business as usual?

Mike Sando: It was a little odd in that when Ken Whisenhunt came in, they kind of made him keep the defensive coordinator, Clancy Pendergast, who has been a respected guy, a creative guy, a guy who is kind of known for doing wacky things with maybe a little bit less personnel. I don't think Whisenhunt didn't like Clancy Pendergast, but when you come in, you kind of want to have your own guy. And so last season they allowed like 36 touchdown passes. I went back, I couldn't find since maybe the 1981 season a team allowing that many. Their offense scored 427 points, their defense allowed 426 and yet they were good during the playoffs.

I think that showed they can be good. They have been kind of an undisciplined group, giving up lots of big plays, not really a group you can trust. Whisenhunt wants to go with the Steeler model, more of a 3-4 look, and so Bill Davis is a guy who was on staff there and has been with the 49ers before, definitely a 3-4 sort of guy. He (Whisenhunt) is going with him. They are really stressing a little more accountability and discipline there. We'll see. I mean, you still have to have the players. It's different, unusual to have new coaches after a Super Bowl, but in this case I think Whisenhunt really got what he wanted (on the defensive side).