2011 NFL draft: Updated order

The NFL has updated its 2011 draft order after changing upon appeal its punishment for the Detroit Lions in a tampering case.

The change affects only the final 50 selections in the draft. The league has reinstated the seventh-round choice Detroit had lost as part of its original punishment. Instead, the Lions will lose a choice in the 2012 draft.

This means there are 254 choices in the 2011 draft, one more than before the reinstatement. Detroit now has the 205th choice, acquired from Denver. Every choice thereafter is now assigned a higher number (206 becomes 207, etc.).

You can download my updated 2011 NFL draft order file here. It allows for sorting of all picks by team, division, etc.

I've updated the team-by-team NFC West charts to reflect changes to those seventh-round picks that were affected.

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