49ers: How 2010 draft picks project

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke did not hesitate when asked what a new coaching staff means for unestablished players, including some 2010 draft choices.

"The simple effect is that nobody is guaranteed a position," Baalke said.

The 49ers' new coaches won't get a chance to check out incumbent players on the practice field as long as the lockout continues.

I've made a few projections regarding 2010 choices and can tell you the 49ers were quite happy with their first-round selections. Mike Iupati had a strong rookie season at left guard. In speaking with Baalke, it was clear he thought Anthony Davis showed excellent ability, too. The team expects both to remain starters in Jim Harbaugh's offense.

Beyond that, it's more difficult to say how players project, particularly with a new staff.

The chart breaks down the 49ers' 2010 draft choices based on how they could fit in 2011.

2010 NFL Draft: San Francisco 49ers