Where will Seahawks find elite talent?

The Seattle Seahawks won a playoff game last season despite having no players named to the Pro Bowl, even as an injury replacement.

Given the relative lack of talent, perhaps coach Pete Carroll deserved stronger consideration in ESPN.com's recent Power Rankings for head coaches. None of the eight panelists listed Carroll among the top 10 coaches in the NFL, and it apparently wasn't personal.

The Seahawks are one of three teams without even one representative among the 88 people receiving votes in our rankings for running backs, receivers, tight ends, pass-rushers, linebackers and head coaches. The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals also have gone without a vote (the series continues with cornerbacks next week).

The Bills and Bengals are picking among the first four choices in the upcoming draft, so they'll have a chance, in theory, to land front-line talent. The Seahawks, having won a weak division at 7-9 and having won a playoff game, do not pick until the 25th spot. History and logic say they'll have a tougher time.

Fifty-seven drafted players have earned Pro Bowl honors at least three times over the past five seasons. Fifteen were selected among the top 10 overall choices. More than half -- 29 -- went among the first 24 selections of their draft classes. The remaining 28 came from a much larger pool of later selections.

So, while the evidence says Seattle lacks elite talent despite its playoff upset over New Orleans, the system isn't doing the Seahawks any favors.

A couple of notes on the chart:

  • The chart shows how NFL teams have scored in ESPN.com voting for the six categories we've ranked to this point in the offseason. First-place votes at a position were worth 10 points, second-place votes were worth nine points, etc.

  • The top two teams played in the Super Bowl last season. Four of the five teams with the lowest point totals so far hold draft selections among the top six overall. Seattle is the exception.

2011 Power Rankings Survey: Progress Report