About those suggestions for Alex Smith

Perhaps there isn't much San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith could reasonably say in response to criticism from Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White .

The first 445 comments associated with the item in question featured far more debate over the 49ers' quarterback situation than suggestions for Smith. White, the three-time Pro Bowl receiver, had come out of nowhere Friday with a series of tweets, beginning with one that read, "Why is the 49ers wasting their time with alex smith. they need to move on better yet try to get luck next year would be good for them."

I went through those first 445 comments hoping to find the top 10 proposed responses. There weren't enough to go around. Some even took additional shots at Smith.

"Roddy, do you have any contacts in the Arena league you can forward me?" paulffrancis suggested.

Hey, at least Arena players are collecting paychecks, which played into another line of responses.

"Let's compare bank accounts," jandkolepsycho suggested, although White has made much more money recently.

One suggested reply took the form of a sarcastic thank-you note.

"Dear Mr. White, thank you for taking the time out of your day to think about me," GaHearst20 suggested. "I know that we don't quite have as much to do with this enduring lockout, but I still consider this a charming form of flattery. I must say that you have never entered my mind in any way, shape or form, but should this occur, I will surely let you know. Good luck with all that you do. Don't forget to smile and reflect on the positive things that exist in this world. Yours, Alex."

FromThaSouth49 was right when noting that there's not much Smith could effectively say without stepping up his game on the field. I'd say there's a decent chance of that happening with Jim Harbaugh running the 49ers' offense. The bigger question, of course, is what White thinks about Max Hall.