Hasselbeck: Finding teammates not easy

The Seattle Seahawks' pledge to get younger, reiterated this week by general manager John Schneider, will lead to even more roster turnover.

That is good for the organization in the long haul, at least in theory, but roster turnover does produce negative consequences.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, whose future with the team is in question, explained the ramifications during an interview this week with Dave Mahler of Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle. Hasselbeck said it's tough enough finding offseason workout partners in Seattle, much less organizing formal practices during the lockout:

"With the amount of free agents that we have on our team, there aren’t a lot of guys that stuck around. And the guys that are here are here because they had offseason surgeries and are doing rehab. It’s been a challenge to get guys to come live here in Seattle in the offseason, because they don’t know they’re going to be on the Seahawks next year. So it’s been disappointing that way.

"But at the same time, it’s been an opportunity to work with guys on other teams, former teammates, Seneca Wallace, Nate Burleson. I’m working out with John Carlson who's kind of my workout partner. And he's an absolute beast, so he’s the perfect partner to work out with because he really gets after it."

Hasselbeck heads a long list of Seattle players without contracts for the 2011 season. The team targeted a few players for extensions, but it shortened contracts in other instances. The turnover that awaits this offseason will come mostly by design.

As for Hasselbeck, he told Mahler his children are strongly opposed to relocating next season. They obviously want their dad to re-sign with Seattle.