Could Seahawks afford to draft a QB?

The Seattle Seahawks need quarterbacks, plural.

They need a veteran and they need a young prospect to develop. They'll have chances to get the veteran at some point later in the offseason, whether it's Matt Hasselbeck or another at least somewhat seasoned passer. They did not draft one.

"We didn't think we could afford to yet," coach Pete Carroll told a meeting of the Associated Press Sports Editors on Monday.

That comment, coupled with the Seahawks' decision to draft offensive linemen with their first two picks, could be revealing. Carroll hit on the need to build up the line specifically during the APSE meeting. He believes the Seahawks aren't in position to draft a young quarterback until they're further along in building up the supporting pieces, especially those up front. He would make an exception, surely, if the Seahawks were in position to select a clear franchise quarterback, but that wasn't going to happen with the 25th pick in the draft.

We should also consider to what degree Carroll buys into the popular thinking that the NFL is increasingly a quarterback-driven league. The thinking gained credence while Carroll was coaching at USC. Carroll has, upon his return to the NFL, expressed a strong desire to build through a power running game. He values quarterbacks, obviously, but to what degree would he rely upon one, ideally?

Sounds like something to pursue as the offseason continues -- and as we consider how much Seattle might invest in a quarterback once the signing period finally does open.