Bradford's offense? Jackson still an option

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels comes to the St. Louis Rams with a reputation for favoring the passing game.

As Vic Carucci noted earlier, that by itself doesn't necessarily mean the Rams will suddenly install a modern-day version of the run-and-shoot.

The New England Patriots actually passed a higher percentage of the time in 2009, the year after McDaniels left as offensive coordinator, than they had passed during his final season with the team.

The Denver Broncos passed less frequently in 2009, their first season with McDaniels as head coach, than they passed the year before McDaniels arrived.

And only once during McDaniels' five seasons as a coordinator or head coach -- in Denver last season, when Broncos passed 64.4 percent of the time before firing McDaniels with four games to play -- have his teams passed a higher percentage of the time than the Rams did in 2010.

Game situations obviously dictate run-pass ratios to a degree. Sam Bradford's presence might tempt any coordinator to open up the passing game. But with Steven Jackson still offering much on the ground and with a defensive-minded head coach on the sideline, the Rams likely will not abandon the run.

The chart shows how frequently the Patriots, Broncos and Rams have passed the ball since 2006. Numbers in bold correspond with McDaniels' presence as offensive coordinator with New England (2006-2008) and head coach with Denver (2009-2010). The asterisk indicates the percentage for Denver only during games when McDaniels was head coach.

2006-2010 NFL Play Selection: Percentage of Pass Plays