Should Seahawks consider Vince Young?

A quick reach into the mailbag before boarding a flight home from annual meetings at ESPN headquarters in Bristol ...

Matt from Reno has some issues on the home front. He's a San Francisco 49ers fan, but his sister loves the Seattle Seahawks and his father loves the Oakland Raiders. Turns out Matt isn't the only one with off-field concerns. Vince Young has had some, too. Matt thinks the Seahawks should sign Young once the Titans release him, the thinking being that Seattle coach Pete Carroll could reach Young and get the most from him. After all, Carroll seemed to work wonders with Mike Williams.

Mike Sando: Signing Young would not require parting with 2012 draft selections, so that would be a bonus. I do think teams need to be more careful when it comes to quarterbacks because that position has such a great effect on an entire organization. Teams cannot just take chances on quarterbacks without regard for the ramifications. Releasing a receiver such as Williams would be much easier if than releasing a quarterback, for instance.

Most coaches tend to think they can reach players if given the opportunity. Relating to players does seem to be a strength for Carroll based on what I've seen from him to this point. He might be better positioned than others to get more from Young. The Titans were working from a disadvantage because Young had so much leverage as a first-round draft choice.

Young does have the talent to win. Based on the way Young's career fizzled out in Tennessee, however, I have a hard time envisioning him developing into a reliable franchise quarterback. Seattle would have to place strict conditions on Young -- conditions that would be reflected first by his salary and then by making him earn playing time.

It's at least something to consider. After all, Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback on the Seahawks' roster at this point.

Your thoughts? Should the Arizona Cardinals consider Young, for that matter?