Signs of offseason life for Seahawks

Those workouts the Seattle Seahawks have been holding are apparently becoming more formal as the offseason progresses.

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times has the details from the University of Washington, where he estimated roughly 40 players participated in a session Thursday.

Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst were among those in attendance. Hasselbeck doesn't have a contract for next season. Whitehurst doesn't know where he'll stand on the depth chart. Neither knows whether Seattle will push to acquire another quarterback to start in 2011.

Those uncertainties make it tough for either player to assume a leadership role the way, say, Sam Bradford or even Alex Smith have done elsewhere in the NFC West this offseason. Bradford is obviously the franchise quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. Smith at least knows the San Francisco 49ers plan to bring him back.

Hasselbeck's familiarity with the offense Seattle plans to install puts him in position to serve as a resource. His long history with the organization also places limitations on how far Whitehurst or any other quarterback could comfortably go in assuming a leadership role during these sessions.

Overall, getting so many players together stands as a positive development for the Seahawks, particularly with so many Seattle players living elsewhere and unsure how they'll fit into the team's rebuilding plans.