Surprising name among emerging TEs

Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker aren't the only tight ends worth watching in San Francisco this season.

Nate Byham appears on the rise.

"It might not be long before Byham is considered one of the best pure blocking tight ends in the league," Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. wrote Monday.

Williamson, fresh off his provocative look at the 15 best players in the NFC West, offers detailed insights into the division's tight ends. His Insider piece ranks the position by team.

There's something in there for everyone interested in the division or fantasy football, including thoughts on newcomers Lance Kendricks and Rob Housler.

My notes on the 49ers last season singled out Byham for effective blocks in the running game, including during Frank Gore runs for 7 yards (on third-and-5 at Atlanta) and 16 yards (against Philadelphia the following week). The team used Byham as a fullback at times.