About those projections of NFL dominance


The Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers have an ascending quarterback, rock-solid stability and a proven methodology.

That makes them the most logical choice for NFL team most likely to dominate several years from now (2014-16, specifically). Pittsburgh also qualifies for consideration.

I cast a vote for the St. Louis Rams because I thought Sam Bradford made them worth our consideration as a team positioned to join the conversation.

The Packers prevailed with six of 25 votes among ESPN panelists. Ten of us offered expanded explanations for the project. A quick look at the voting:

"Dominant" has been a relative term in the NFC West. Division winners have averaged fewer than nine victories per season over the past three years. The 2005 Seattle Seahawks (13-3) were the only division winner out of the last seven with more than 10 victories in a regular season.