Video: Joe Montana on Alex Smith, fans

Hall of Famer Joe Montana dropped by "First Take" and offered thoughts on the San Francisco 49ers as they transition to an offense with roots in the one he ran.

His take: Alex Smith will have to adjust to a new mindset after trying to push the ball down the field in previous systems. According to Montana, Smith will have to get more comfortable settling for shorter completions. Some of those shorter passes will come by design, as an extension of the running game.

Smith has never completed higher than 60.5 percent of his passes in a single season with the 49ers. His completion rate was 59.6 last season. I would expect him to post a career-high completion percentage in the new offense.

Montana and Steve Young obviously completed a high percentage running a West Coast system. Backup Elvis Grbac once completed 69.4 percent of his 183 attempts during a season while serving as Young's backup.

Montana also addressed recent fan violence at Candlestick Park.