Predicting the Rams' record

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

A winning record is not hiding in the Rams' 2008 schedule. I've looked, and it's not there. Check out the six-game stretch following the bye. At Redskins, home for Cowboys, at Patriots, home for Cardinals, at Jets, then back across the country for a road game against the 49ers.

Handing the Rams an upset victory over the Giants in the second week qualifies as charity, most likely, but the alternative was forecasting a 1-9 start. And that would be cruel.

With that, we continue our game-by-game look at schedules throughout the division:

1. Lose at Eagles
2. Win vs. Giants
3. Lose at Seahawks
4. Win vs. Bills
5. Bye
6. Lose at Redskins
7. Lose vs. Cowboys
8. Lose at Patriots
9. Lose vs. Cardinals
10. Lose at Jets
11. Lose at 49ers
12. Win vs. Bears
13. Win vs. Dolphins
14. Lose at Cardinals
15. Lose vs. Seahawks
16. Win vs. 49ers
17. Win at Falcons

No question, the Rams should improve offensively. Their line simply can't suffer from as many injuries this season. Steven Jackson should produce. And I do think the defensive front has the potential to rush the passer effectively. I'm just not sure the Rams will be winning enough games to turn loose the pass rushers regularly.

I thought about forecasting a home victory over Arizona in Week 9, but I needed to stay consistent in my predictions made for other teams, and that was a game given to the Cardinals in a previous entry. The Ram's can't like playing on the East Coast in Week 10 (Jets) and the West Coast in Week 11 (49ers).