You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 1)

NFC West blog veterans know the regular-season drill.

Each week, usually on Thursday, I'll ask you to predict winners and final scores for upcoming games involving NFC West teams. Once the games are over, I'll go through the comments section to see if anyone predicted the outcomes exactly. Winners earn a spot on the Wall of Fame, currently on display at the bottom of this entry.

I'm going to add a twist this year by offering my own predictions on Fridays. In the meantime, let's look at the matchups.

  • Carolina at Arizona: Both team have new quarterbacks. I'm tempted to take Arizona by a wide margin. A touchdown in the return game wouldn't surprise me, but the rules affecting kickoff returns reduce the chances.

  • Philadelphia at St. Louis: The Eagles won the NFL's unofficial offseason championship. I don't see the Rams losing their first two games against Steve Spagnuolo's former bosses. The Rams allowed 17 or fewer points in six of eight home games last season, but Atlanta and Kansas City combined for 61.

  • Seattle at San Francisco: The Seahawks have more unanswered questions than the 49ers have, and San Francisco is at home. Both defenses can be strong against the run. Tarvaris Jackson or Alex Smith? That is the question.

Predictions are fun. If you get one of these right, I'll give you full credit. If you get them horribly wrong, I promise not to tell anyone.