Personnel report: NFC West QB production

A common thread tied together Kevin Kolb's 73- and 70-yard touchdown passes in his first two games with the Arizona Cardinals.

Both plays came when the Cardinals had four wide receivers on the field, two more than a base personnel group would feature.

Kolb, acquired from Philadelphia during the offseason, likes spreading out defenses with additional wide receivers.

Such personnel often requires quarterbacks to make quick decisions because pressure tends to arrive more quickly in the absence of additional blockers. That was the case for Kolb on his two long scoring passes.

The first, a 70-yarder to Early Doucet against Carolina in Week 1, came as Kolb stared down heavy pressure. On the second, a 73-yarder to Larry Fitzgerald against Washington on Sunday, Kolb delivered a deep pass right before the Redskins' London Fletcher hit him hard from the blind side.

Kolb has completed passes for 73, 70, 24, 19, 16 and 12 (twice) yards among his 11 completions in 19 attempts from four-receiver groupings. He has taken one sack and passed for 242 of his 560 yards from this personnel, averaging a healthy 12.8 yards per attempt.

The charts show passing production for NFC West quarterbacks based on how many wide receivers were on the field. I've charted such information for five years, including since 2008 for all NFC West teams, but after more than 10,000 plays, I'm taking a few off. The ESPN Stats & Information team is tracking this data. A big "thanks" to them for passing it along.


2011 NFC West QB Production by Personnel: Yards Per Attempt

The second chart maintains the same order for quick comparison. It contains yardage totals for the same categories, providing perspective. For example, the Seattle Seahawks' Tarvaris Jackson averages 17 yards per attempt with one wide receiver on the field, but as the second chart reveals, he has only one attempt with that personnel.


2011 NFC West QB Production by Personnel: Yards