2011 Gridiron Challenge: 49ers vs. Vick

Inside the 2011 NFC West Gridiron Challenge after Week 3:

  • Leader: Billy Shears, for a second week in a row, this time with 486 points. He's gotten 42 points from Rob Gronkowski over the past two weeks. Basically, teams with Gronkowski are lighting it up.

  • High score of the week: Walladaraida, with 188 points. Lineup: Tom Brady (31), Ryan Fitzpatrick (22), LeSean McCoy (19), Darren McFadden (29), Mike Wallace (20), Calvin Johnson (22), Gronkowski (22), Ryan Longwell (11), Oakland defense (12).

  • My team: tied for 418th place out of 1,459 entries, 71.2 percentile. Up from 693rd place and 53.3 percentile last week. Sticking with Vernon Davis against Cincinnati worked out well.

  • My wife's team: tied for 66th, 95.7 percentile. Down from 17th and 98.7 percentile. She also had Gronkowski.

  • Dan Graziano's team: tied for 619th, 60.0 percentile. Down from 595th and 59.6. He's had Antonio Gates in his lineup the last two weeks.

  • NFC West matchup to watch: Michael Vick and McCoy against the San Francisco 49ers' defense. The 49ers' run defense has given very little ground this season. Making the Eagles one-dimensional would put additional pressure on Vick, who keeps taking too much punishment. I suspect the 49ers will have a tougher time limiting turnovers in this game, putting their defense in tougher positions.

Who is your fantasy sleeper play of the week?