Sando's best guesses: Week 4 predictions

Three games against the NFC East and one against the NFC South threaten the NFC West in Week 4.

Though I've gone 9-1 predicting outcomes for games involving NFC West teams, the one misstep was an easily avoidable one. Picking the Rams to beat Baltimore last week made no sense. I did it because I thought the Rams might rise up at home.

The temptation isn't as strong in Week 4, although the Rams should fare better against the Washington Redskins if Steven Jackson is healthy enough to contribute.

Let's dive right into the predictions before I talk myself into another mistake:

  • Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams, 1 p.m. ET: The Rams haven't shown enough firepower. Their defense hasn't played well enough against the run. Three Josh Brown field goals and a touchdown will not be enough. My best guess: Redskins 21, Rams 16.

  • San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles, 1 p.m. ET: Frank Gore's tender ankle and the Eagles' obvious matchup advantages against the 49ers' receivers stand out right away. The 49ers' defense has been strong, but it'll need more help. My best guess: Eagles 17, 49ers 9.

  • Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks, 4:05 ET: The Falcons have outscored opponents 30-0 in fourth quarters this season. The Seahawks have been outscored 36-3 in second quarters so far. Still, the Seahawks' defense gives them a chance at home. My best guess: Falcons 20, Seahawks 17.

  • New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals, 4:05 ET: Beanie Wells' return to health is critical for the Cardinals. The physical running he provided was key to beating the Giants on the road in 2009. Much has changed for Arizona since then. This appears to be a tough matchup for their defense. My best guess: Giants 27, Cardinals 20.

That would mark an 0-4 week for the NFC West and four "silver linings" files for Monday. Where am I wrong?