You wanna step outside? 49ers did Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers' tight ends caught three touchdown passes Sunday. They also factored into the running game as the 49ers rushed for 213 yards.

49ers Rushing Outside Tackles

Known for running up the gut in recent seasons, sometimes to a fault, the 49ers carried 13 times for 141 yards outside the tackles Sunday, according to Doug Clawson of ESPN Stats & Information. That 141-yard total was their highest outside the tackles over the past four seasons. The team had 53 such yards through Week 4.

Of that 141 yards, the 49ers gained 100 of them on nine rushes with multiple tight ends on the field. They used two or more tight ends on 80 percent of rushing plays overall, consistent with their philosophy and the strength of their personnel.

Tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker are athletic enough to stress opposing pass defenses. Alex Smith completed 8 of 11 passes for 128 yards and three touchdowns on throws with multiple tight ends. The Bucs left their base defense on the field for nine of these 11 plays.