Chat wrap: About that Lebron James idea


The receiver position popped up more than once during the latest NFC West chat, and that was before the Brandon Lloyd talk heated up.

I'll hit on the San Francisco 49ers' situation on that front in the highlights, but first, an NBA question relating to Pete Carroll's faux courting of Lebron James (must be the bye week).

Josh from Chattanooga couldn't help but ask about Lebron James and Carroll tweeted a photo of a Seahawks jersey with James' name on the back.

Mike Sando: Athletes are funny about the cross-sport thing. NFL guys tend to think they can play basketball at a high level, but I highly doubt very many, if any, could compete in the NBA at a high level. I do think some NBA guys could project as NFL players a little easier, but I'd be interested to hear Lebron's thoughts after he caught a pass in the flat and got chopped down at the knees by some guy earning in a season what Lebron gets in a day. Football hurts.

Michael from New Jersey wanted to know how much Josh Morgan's season-ending injury will hurt the team.

Mike Sando: The 49ers now have no depth at the position, basically. They'll be OK once Braylon Edwards returns, but one more injury will really set back the receiving corps. Fortunately for the 49ers, they're big on using two tight ends. Both their tight ends factor in the receiving game. They have a head coach and offensive staff that appears well-suited for adjusting. They just need to avoid additional injuries at the position.

Kyle from St. Louis asks if the Rams should start rookie first-round pick Robert Quinn at defensive end over veteran James Hall, in part because the team needs to boost its pass-rush.

Mike Sando: James Hall's bad back has possibly been a factor for him this season after colliding with Chris Long on a David Garrard sack during preseason. Quinn has been getting 40-50 snaps per game over the last three games. Only Long, Hall and Fred Robbins have played more snaps on that defensive line this season even though Quinn missed the season opener. One problem so far is that the Rams haven't been in the lead. They haven't been able to free up their pass-rushers. That makes it tough to get much value from a pure pass-rusher such as Quinn.

tacowrecker from parts unknown asks whether or not the Cardinals should abandon their 3-4 scheme in an effort to make better use of their existing personnel, notably Darnell Dockett.

Mike Sando: It's just a little late to be throwing out the plan. They've had five years under Ken Whisenhunt to develop a defensive identity. Whisenhunt finally got someone from Pittsburgh -- Ray Horton, as opposed to his first choice, Keith Butler -- to oversee that side of the ball. I agree that the personnel and scheme do not match up all that well, preventing the team from getting full value out of Dockett in particular. The Cardinals have used four-man lines a fair amount of the time, but they want that 3-4 to be their identity, and it's a tough sell without the rush linebackers on the outside.

Thanks for coming along. See you Friday.