Video: That other WR, Michael Crabtree

Our latest NFC 411 video leads with my thoughts on a certain highly drafted wide receiver taking the field Sunday in Detroit.

The Lions' Calvin Johnson? Well, yes, he's in there. But the San Francisco 49ers' Michael Crabtree, the 10th player chosen in a largely disappointing 2009 first-round draft class, came to mind as a player to watch.

Crabtree has done a very good job blocking this season, especially lately. He stepped up with what should have been a pivotal touchdown reception at Cincinnati, negated by an officiating error. But he still hasn't had a breakthrough receiving game this season, never exceeding 68 yards in a single week.

Last season, Crabtree had 11 receptions for 132 yards and no touchdowns through four games. He broke out with nine catches for 105 yards and a touchdown the next week.

This season, Crabtree has 11 receptions for 139 yards and no touchdowns through five games. The 49ers are getting good production from their tight ends lately, but they could use more from Crabtree, particularly with Braylon Edwards still out and Josh Morgan having recently landed on injured reserve.

For additional thoughts and a spin around the NFC with our other divisional bloggers, cue the video.