Around the NFC West: Win overshadowed?

The San Francisco 49ers had just claimed a road victory against the previously 5-0 Detroit Lions.

Their head coach strode to the postgame interview podium to field questions about ... the postgame handshake.

Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News says Jim Harbaugh's emotion is an asset for the 49ers overall because it's backed by football smarts. But it has its drawbacks, too. Purdy: "The true shame of Sunday's handshake fracas was that it did exactly what Harbaugh didn't want. It overshadowed the doggedly impressive 49ers' overall performance, one filled with many setbacks and 15 penalties but also many big plays at exactly the right moments. The coaching staff also had a brilliant game plan, especially on defense." Noted: Harbaugh was definitely more exuberant on the field following the game than the typical head coach would be, particularly in Week 6. The Lions' Jim Schwartz was ultimately more culpable for what happened. He never should have chased after Harbaugh or berated him. That was worse than anything Harbaugh did. But Harbaugh, as an adult, should be able to execute a postgame handshake with a measure of grace. His handshake wasn't as bad as the over-the-top slap on Schwartz's back.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com says 49ers rookies Aldon Smith and Chris Culliver came up big for the team during a highly impressive defensive performance. Culliver played a role in holding the Lions' Calvin Johnson without a touchdown reception for the first time this season. Culliver: "You have to be physical with him. All his plays he had on me, he pushed off on me. Refs didn't call it but I ain't complaining. I had tight coverage on him. All he did was try to release outside. And when he went inside, he tried to push me off. He was complaining. And I told him he had to shut up because he's too big for that." Noted: That attitude shows the 49ers feel under no obligation to meet anyone else's expectations. It's a bit unusual for a defense as strong as the 49ers' unit to find immediate roles for multiple rookies.

Also from Maiocco: Ted Ginn Jr. made his first start for the 49ers and played a big role in the team's victory against Detroit, both on offense and special teams.

Jon Saraceno of USA Today gives a blow-by-blow recounting of the 49ers' victory and postgame confrontation. Saraceno: "Sunday's San Francisco 49ers-Detroit Lions game was a good, old-fashioned NFL scrap that resembled a couple of young, raw heavyweights trying to establish their turf, albeit in different divisions. Fortunately the heavy blows, and there were too many too count, were confined to the game."

Mike Klis of the Denver Post says the 49ers are among the teams to have shown interest in Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd. Noted: The Broncos obviously want to build a market for Lloyd, making it tough to know for sure how serious teams might be about acquiring the receiver. The 49ers will be getting Braylon Edwards back from a knee injury. Yes, they lost Josh Morgan for the season, but with Michael Crabtree coming off a nine-catch game, Edwards returning and Ginn Jr. stepping up Sunday, the situation doesn't appear all that urgent.