Uh, wait: 49ers overcame more laundry

October, 18, 2011
Focusing on the San Francisco 49ers' performance, not the postgame tiff between head coaches, was a priority following the team's 25-19 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Since then, every person I've spoke with about the game, inside the NFL and out, has steered the conversation toward coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz.

It's a hot topic.

A couple officiating calls that went against the Lions have also come up, but the 49ers were the ones who fought an uphill fight on the penalty front.

Officials called 17 penalties against the 49ers and only six against the Lions (Detroit declined two of the calls against San Francisco). Both Lions touchdowns went under review amid some uncertainty over their legitimacy, and in both cases, the calls came out in Detroit's favor.

Suffice to say, some 49ers fans have heard enough from Schwartz on judgments favoring San Francisco, including a non-call on a potential illegal block during Ted Ginn Jr.'s return.

"The referees were killing the Niners all game," jhamm9782 wrote in protest. "My screaming epithets ... probably scared my neighbors. We got a penalty every other play. For Schwartz to complain over one missed call, which turned out not to be a missed call, is just further proof that he is a sore loser."

Case closed? I think so.



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