You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 7)

The San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions produced the NFL's sixth 25-19 final score in the regular season since 1940.

That one was tough to predict. JayMan4040 made another prediction look easy, calling the Green Bay Packers' 24-3 victory over the St. Louis Rams to earn a spot on the "You Called It" Wall of Fame. Way to go.

The 49ers are off this week, leaving three games involving NFC West teams. This is your chance to earn blog-wide acclaim. Simply use the comments section of this item to predict scores and outcomes for the following games:

allenjr16 asked if there's a preferred format for leaving scores. Thanks for asking. It's easy for me to go through them if we go with, "49ers 25, Lions 19" as the format. I'll make my predictions Friday, as usual.