2011 Gridiron Challenge: Kolb's rough road

Inside the 2011 NFC West Gridiron Challenge after Week 6:

  • Leader: mboles52, for a third week in a row. His scoring has fallen from 173 to 158 to 129 to 122 in recent weeks, but mboles52 still leads by seven points. Picking up Wes Welker to replace Andre Johnson did not pay off immediately. Welker scored 10 points.

  • High score of the week: bbeebe2, with 155 points, a more than twofold increase from a week earlier. bbeebe2 got 25 points from Aaron Rodgers, 25 from the New York Jets defense, 21 from Devin Hester, 21 from Drew Brees and 20 from Rashard Mendenhall.

  • My team: tied for 306th out of 1,568 entries, 81.5 percentile. Down from 246th and 85.0 percentile. Getting a combined seven points from Carolina's Steve Smith (6), the New York Giants' Victor Cruz (1) and San Francisco's Vernon Davis (0) wasn't what I had in mind last week.

  • My wife's team: tied for 512th place, 68.9 percentile. This was the week I'd been waiting for. She left Steven Hauschka in her lineup on a bye week, got minus-four points from the Minnesota defense and plummeted nearly 200 spots in the standings. She has now gone from 17th place to 66th to 233rd to 512th place over the last month.

  • Dan Graziano's team: tied for 466th place, 71.3 percentile. Up from 624th place and 61.3. Looks like Dan's making a midseason push. He got solid production from just about every position in scoring 121 points, 23 above the median score.

  • Note of the week: Danny Tuccitto's Insider column shows which teams have the easiest and hardest remaining schedules against run and pass. Cleveland, Arizona and Seattle face the toughest pass defenses on average from here on out. The St. Louis Rams face the second-toughest run defenses on average, with two four games remaining against San Francisco and Seattle.

That last note explains why Kevin Kolb's name made it into the headline. He faces games against Pittsburgh (home) and Baltimore (road) over the next two weeks, with two games against the 49ers scheduled for later in the season.