Time to give Kevin Kolb a week off?

Kevin Kolb has struggled this season. Now, he's dealing with a turf-toe injury that could threaten his availability against St. Louis in Week 9.

The team expects to know more later Monday or Tuesday, coach Ken Whisenhunt told reporters during his day-after-game news conference.

Should the Cardinals turn to backup John Skelton for the short term if Kolb is significantly less than 100 percent, even if doctors clear him to play?

  • Yes, give Kolb a rest. Kolb has struggled. He's taken a pounding. Benching him for performance isn't a viable option given all the team has invested in him. But the injury gives Kolb an opportunity to step back, clear his mind and get healthier -- without losing his job. It's not like benching Kolb is suddenly going to prevent the team from winning. The team isn't winning, anyway. The Cardinals have identified footwork as a primary issue for Kolb in their offense. That footwork isn't going to improve with a turf-toe injury on Kolb's plant foot. Skelton went 2-2 as a starter over the final month last season. The team is 1-6 now.

  • Nope, Kolb needs to play. Kolb already had a week off when the team had its bye in Week 6. That wasn't long ago, and it's not like Kolb was appreciably better for the down time. He won't get better without working through his problems in game situations. Kolb played most of the game Sunday with the toe injury. If doctors clear Kolb, he needs to be out there with his teammates. If the toe injury prevents Kolb from moving as well, he'll have to make quicker decisions in the pocket. That is something Kolb needs to focus on anyway. After facing Pittsburgh and Baltimore in back-to-back games, the Cardinals play the St. Louis Rams in Arizona. That's a game Kolb should be able to win at home even at less than 100 percent, right?

I'd go with the second one, by the way.

Note: Skelton recently moved into the No. 2 role ahead of Rich Bartel.