Surprise: Cardinals' record by starting QBs

The Arizona Cardinals aren't going to win many games playing offense the way they played it Sunday.

They managed only 58 yards by halftime and needed the second-longest punt return in NFL history to beat the previously 1-6 St. Louis Rams in overtime.

But if you're interested in bottom-line results without regard for sustainability, prepare to arch an eyebrow upon reviewing won-lost records for the Cardinals' starting quarterbacks under coach Ken Whisenhunt.

The chart shows win percentages for regular-season games only. Kurt Warner's percentage would climb to .583 if we counted his 4-2 starting record during postseason.

This is not a ranking of the Cardinals' best quarterbacks since 2007, obviously. Warner would be the runaway winner by that measure, and Kevin Kolb might still rank second based on potential.

2007-11 Arizona Cardinals: Win Percentages by Starting QB